Twilight of Shadows

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Werewolves are part of the folklore and continue to be a part of the urban folklore. Maybe you are not interested in them but it is rather sure that you have seen movies or heard about some books that talk about them.Those humans have the ability to turn into a wolf, either intentionally or after being placed under a curse or suffering with the transformations happening on the night of a full moon. And even though there is no scientific explanation that those creatures exist, there have always been werewolf hunters or people who like to discuss or describe them in different artistic ways. But what is the truth? We leave that to you.In this game, we will meet Catherine who is a famous werewolf hunter. She works on different cases that include dealing with werewolves. This time she received a message from a priest to visit the town of Duskford. Catherine decided right away that she has to reveal the mysteries that lie behind the priest’s message and save the town from the curse.

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