Tropical Crime

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Police officers Karen and Anthony arrive together with their colleagues at the well-known resort on the southern part of the coast. They are not here to take a rest or something similar. They are here for work and they will have to deal with a group of criminals that is believed that operates in this place. Namely, many rich clients are staying at the resort at this moment and some of them have reported that someone is stealing their personal belongings. Many valuable items are missing, so now it\'s up to the police to find out who is responsible for the robberies. It might be someone from outside, but there is also a chance the thief is someone from the guest, we could never know for sure until we close the case. But, let\'s start from the beginning. Initially, we will have to search the whole place, together with Karen, Anthony, and their colleagues, and see if we can find something related to the case. The truth lies in the details, so let\'s do our job carefully and give some help in solving the situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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