Diamond Land

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Meet Alice, a girl who is the daughter of the famous adventurer Billy. Billy has spent his life on searching for unusual places, always looking for something new and unknown for the most people.Besides the other discovered places, her father has dedicated his whole life on searching for the famous Diamond land. This land was often mentioned in the stories of the Amazon tribes, but there are no sure evidences that this land actually exists, at least same as in the stories. However, Billy’s passion about this land still exists, even though he is not able to continue his search because he is already too old for that.Maybe Alice’s father is already old, but Alice believes that she will fulfill his wish and find the Land of the diamonds. She is prepared to take this serious step and continue his search around Amazon. If she really finds this place, that will be a huge and serious discovery that will also make her father happy. Let’s see what will happen in this amazing adventure and maybe we will witness a huge discovery.

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