Mall Detective

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Today there was a really unexpected robbery in a sports equipment store. And this store was robbed even before its official opening. The store was properly set up for the opening that was to take place the next day, and among other things, the store had several tennis balls of great value. Namely, these balls were signed by world famous tennis players and therefore their value is high. The store owner planned to give away these balls to a few lucky customers on the opening day of the store, but noticed that the balls were gone. These balls could fetch a really high price if sold on the black market, so it would be better if they were found right away. That is why the police were called immediately, to see what happened and to find the thief responsible for the theft of the valuable balls. Detective Ethan is in the new sports equipment boutique, he is called to solve the case of the theft of the tennis balls. Let\'s see what\'s going on there and help him.

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