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Working in a small local shop can be very interesting, Maybe it is quieter, maybe there are not so many people coming to the shop but avoiding a big crowd and working with almost the same people every day can be so amazing. After a while, you become a friend with all those people that come into your shop.You see them almost every day, so they become like your family. They share with you a part from their personal story, you tell them something too - you become richer with those acquaintances, that is for sure.Ashley is the new saleswoman in a small neighborhood store. Today it\'s her first day at work, so the owner of the store has given her few tasks that need to be fulfilled before she opens the store.Since she is new here, it would be nice if we could help her with her job. She is a good worker but since this is a new job for her, Ashley will be very thankful for the help.Let\'s see together with Ashley what can be found in this local store and what are the responsibilities of the new saleswoman.

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