Dressed in Darkness

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Amanda always loved the small city where her grandmother was born and lived during her lifetime. However, when it comes to places that are that small, the mentality of the people differs from the people that live in more urban places. People in smaller places know to be concerned more about their neighbors, they often invent stories about someone…and sometimes those rumors are true but many times they are just lies.Amanda arrives at the small city where her grandmother was born and she goes to her house. This house is actually a place that is really notorious and no one that lives in the village likes to enter into this house. The reason for that is that few times people that were there saw a woman\'s silhouette dressed all in black, so everyone is scared from this place.They don\'t know what is happening in the house and whose silhouette is that? Is it about a ghost or some person that visits the house? Amanda likes to find out something more about the silhouette that appears on her grandmother\'s property.

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