Missing billionaire

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Daniel Davis is a famous billionaire. Because of his position, Daniel is always followed by the public that pays a lot of attention to him, his acts, and his lifestyle. However, something happens to the famous billionaire that has shaken the public. Namely, Daniel Davis went missing one week ago. And it would be expected if he went on a vacation or he took some trip, but this time his family doesn\'t know where he is. His family is worried very much, and they are doing whatever they can, to find him. They called the police about Daniel\'s missing so now the two detectives, Patricia and Paul, are responsible for the case. Patricia and Paul hope that they will manage to find out something more about the disappearance of the billionaire. This important investigation starts right now, so it will be very nice if you could help the two detectives in finish their job better. Daniel\'s family will be very thankful too, so let\'s start working right now and find out what has actually happened to the famous billionaire.

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