The Mystery Express

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Train robberies are something that no one likes to experience. In those cases, the authorities suspect in everyone as a possible robber. But every time the people that are in the train don\'t know why are the authorities act on a certain way. Sometimes it is not about a robber but about some other people that have done something, like people who escape from something, refugees, someone that didn\'t pay his ticket and so on.In those cases, the whole train is being checked in order to find the suspect. But in this train no one doesn\'t know what is going on yet. Arthur, Charles and Frank were traveling by train to a very important business meeting.Mysteriously, they were stopped at the next train station and every person had to have their documents checked. The three businessmen were already late to the meeting and even though they didn\'t know what is going on, they decided to help everyone find their documents so they could speed up the whole process. Let\'s see what is going on in the train and see if we could help somehow.

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