The House of Occult

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What are your beliefs about life? Are you more rational or more intuitive person? Do you believe more in science or you have beliefs that are more supernatural? We are all different, that is for sure, and we all respect each other, but also each one of us likes to sneak a little bit on the other side...This game is about occults - a type of supernatural beliefs and practices, encompassing such occurrence as those related to mysticism, spirituality, and magic. There is a house of occult in this district. It is about a place where those practices happen and it seems that they are not that naïve because there are many people who went missing. Perhaps this house has the answers for their disappearing.Sarah, Steven and Paul, arrive at the house of the occult. They have always wanted to enter into this house and see what is hiding inside. They are brave enough to go there with hope that they will find answers about the people from their district who are considered missing. Let\'s help them find out what is going on.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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