Lake Cabin Secrets

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The three friends, Jessica, Andrew, and Karen went climbing. That is something they do very often because they enjoy the stay in nature, love the fresh air, and love spending time outdoors, but also they love spending time together, because of their common interests. The mountain they visit today is a place they have visited many times, but none of those times have noticed something they noticed today. The three friends became a little bit surprised when all of a sudden they discovered a small house by the lake. They have never heard about this lake cabin, but they feel curious to find out whose cabin is it, and what is there, inside the house. The three friends decide they should walk around the lake cabin and explore its surrounding. They will like to find out the secrets of the place and maybe even meet the owner. Let\'s check out the lake house, together with our friends, and find out what is hiding in the lake cabin. Be prepared for everything. The owners might be nice and polite, but what if they are someone who doesn\' like sudden visitors?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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