The Vampire Masquerade

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What about a vampire masquerade for today\'s game? From time to time we remind you of the rich fantasy that mythologies offer. Vampires are the creatures that scare people. Folklore and people have created it, they are the creatures that are feeding on the vital force. Vampires exist especially in the European mythologies and they loved visiting the couples that were in love.Don\'t be afraid, they are not real, at all. They are just made up in the stories. The guys in our game for today are in front of a great challenge. They are afraid of vampires but are put into a great mission. Jennifer, Patricia and Paul have decided to visit the most infamous house in their city. It is believed that it is a gathering for vampires and that once in a year they gather together for their masquerade.Our three heroes are masked specially for this occasion and they arrive in the house. They want to find out something more about this place and to collect objects as much as possible. Now it\'s your turn. You are fearless and we are sure you are going to help Jennifer, Patricia and Paul.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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