Daughter of the Gods

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What about a game for today which will ask from the games\' hero to solve all the tasks that are going to be given. It is going to be exciting and we promise you will have real fun. We are on the same line with Gods today and they are sovereign. They have the power to control everything. If they are in a good mood they would please the human\'s wish, but if they woke up on a left foot, just joking, you won\'t have the good party.With such a goddess we are dealing today. There is a place called Valley of the Gods which is a place that a lot of brave men wanted to visit and to explore in years. But, not everyone has succeed in it. Actually, no one has make it by far. But, there always must be a person who will try to defeat the rules of the Gods or actually break them, because rules are actually made to be broken.Mostafa arrives in the Valley of the Gods. He is being hosted by Heba, the daughter of Gods. Mostafa can\'t enter deeply into the valley and to explore it until he fulfills all the tasks that Heba has prepared for him.

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