The Mysterious Journey

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Kathleen and Gary are real adventurists. They love doing things that might seem unusual and scary for other people, but they do that with a lot of love and excitement and that\'s why nothing from this comes hard for them. Sometimes they enjoy alone their wonderful adventures while sometimes they go in a group or in a team that shares same interests.Today our dynamic duo, together with their team of explorers, are part of one very unusual mission. Namely, they with their hot air balloon manage to get to one of the most inaccessible places in the mountain that is near their city. That is a place where almost no one has stepped before, exactly because of this inaccessibility of the terrain. However, Kathleen, Gary and their team of adventurers are prepared to explore this terrain for the first time and face everything that may come up here.They are aware about the risks from this unusual journey but the unpredictability is actually the main motivation for the adventurers, so it seems that they will enjoy every single moment of this feat.

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