Unsolved mystery

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It’s like they predict their fortune and their destiny when they make their works… We are talking about the writers. There are more than a few cases where the writer experiences same destiny as his fictional characters. It’s not always that they write about their personal experience. Sometimes the happening comes after the book is written, sometimes it even comes like fulfilled prediction, even as a prediction of the writer’s death.Detectives Laura and Ryan, together with their team, arrive at the house of the famous writer of crime novels, Cary Walker. The writer has disappeared almost one year ago and his disappearing is still a big mystery. The family simply can’t settle down about this topic, especially because the police still can’t find out what actually happened. That’s why the Gary’s family has decided to activate the case once again. They have called the police to open up the case, hoping that this time they will find out something more. The detectives Laura and Ryan, as well as their team, hope that with this additional investigation the unsolved mystery will be solved, once for all. Let’s see how will this case and up.

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