Time voyager

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Have you ever seen those pictures of a same person that appears in different time periods? For instance, you see that person on a photo from World War II, then a picture from the hippie period and an Instagram photo taken few days ago. This phenomenon or the persons found in this phenomena are explained as time voyager. And maybe for us it is hard to explain what actually happens to those people, but it seems that they know what they are doing. Kayla is actually a time voyager. She uses this phenomena to help people. This time she gets back to the 19th century, in the house of the famous Duke George. She is here with intention to solve the mysterious murder of the duke. Namely, this murder is still a mystery, no-one could find out what actually happened years ago. And yes, no-one knows who murdered the duke. But we are here to help Kayla in her investigation. She can observe the things from a different aspect, from a different time period, but we are here to back up her and be her biggest support.

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