Italian Shadows

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Well, of course, detectives go on holiday too. We know criminals never sleep, but detectives also need to take a day off, rest, and charge their batteries to function better and catch even more criminals.Detective Jane and her friends Marco and Anna are on vacation in beautiful Italy. They have chosen this exotic destination because they thought it would be very nice to change their everyday surroundings completely, meet new people, and learn new things. Besides the other things they were doing on their vacation, they attended a party in the city center. The party was interesting, but at one point during the party was found the lifeless body of one of the biggest art restorers in Italy. It is about a respectable person with a high reputation, so everyone was surprised at what could happen to him.Now, it seems that Jane\'s vacation is over because she and her friends will try to discover the murderer. Even though she came here to rest, her main duty is to bring justice to all. Let\'s help her.

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