Family enigma

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People receive different types of heritage and is not something that we can choose, right? Sometimes heritage can be something we are not interested in, but our ancestors thought that we will appreciate it. But sometimes, the heritage changes people’s life into better, usually when it comes to inheriting some material goods, like a house or a certain amount of money, for example. William and his two daughters Margaret and Nancy, come to the house of their late grandgrandmother. They are here with intention to solve the eternal family enigma about the valuable golden coins, hidden somewhere in the house. It is about a real family treasure that can’t be lost, of course if it really exists. They plan to investigate the whole place, hopping that the treasure is really somewhere. Let’s make the job of our friends easier by helping them in their search. We will look around at the house and see if those golden coins are really here. We hope that we will make the family happy by solving this big family enigma.

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