Ranch of Dreams

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Mankind without memories simply can\'t be imagined. What if we forget things easily, don\'t remember what kind of childhood we had or who we loved sometimes. What if we can\'t think of any of the memories we had with our families and friends? How poor our lives will be, don\'t you think?Imagine, sometimes you loved playing in your parents\' farm and you enjoyed spending your whole summer vacation over there, thinking that those days would never end. And why are we talking this? Because our today hero is kind of a man who actually returns to the moments he was a child when he loved playing in his parents\'s ranch.Patrick has always dreamed of having his own ranch. Today he arrives at the place where his ancestors lived and had ranch. But, the thing is this place is already devastated. Patrick decides that it is about time that he renovates this place. Actually, it is about time that he creates his ranch of the dreams. And we are sure that you will do your best to help this guy who loves nature more than anything. Would you be kind and do your best so Patrick will build his ranch of dreams. Good luck!

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