Almost Midnight

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Margaret and Paul are a married couple. They have many New Year’s Eves spent together and each time they wanted to spend that night together with their friends. The place wasn’t that important, as long as they all have a great time. But this year the New Year’s party will be in the house of Margaret and Paul. Actually the celebration is this night and the two of them are making the last preparations for the night. Their friends are about to come very soon, so Margaret and Paul have to prepare everything well. The space should be adapted form the party and that asks for a little time and effort. However, their will is bigger than anything, so they will make everything perfect, we are sure. On the other hand, things will be even better if we can help them in the preparation. Let’s work together and everything will be ready even sooner. That way, things might appear even better than those two have imagined, so let’s stop waisting our time and work with them. We will make sure that Margaret, Paul, and their friends will have a night to remember.

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