The Damned Queen

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In the stories the queens are usually good, described like beautiful ladies that follow their kings, known for their positivity, nobility and kindness. However, we also know about few evil queens like the Ice queen, the Evil Queen, the Queen of Hearts and so on, but their number is smaller compared to the good queens.However, in the following game we will meet a real evil queen, so evil and very scary queen. Luckily this queen is far from us, but Helen has somehow gone astray in the kingdom of this damned queen. Helen is so afraid; she is terrified by the fact that she is in this awful kingdom where she feels so unsecured. Helen likes to escape from this place but she simply can\'t. In order to escape from this situation and from this kingdom, Helen needs to fulfill all the requirements given by the queen. Since those requirements are so many, and so hard to be fulfilled, Helen would need your help.Let\'s help Helen escape the queen before it is too late and help Helen escape the kingdom while she is still alive.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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