Old House Treasure

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Grandmother Mary, together with her granddaughter Jennifer, and their relatives, decided to visit the old family house. This house is located in the village where Mary comes from, the village where she spent her childhood. When Mary was only a child, she heard many stories from her father about a treasure hidden somewhere in the house, but no one has found this treasure yet. Mary\'s family arrives in the village. They come to the house, and now they need to start searching. The stories are one thing, but in reality, this challenge asks for a lot of effort, right? The treasure is hidden, and probably it is hidden in a really good place because no one found it yet. That\'s why our characters will use some help from us, to explore the old house carefully and try the treasure. Let\'s help Mary and her family search the whole house in detail. Maybe we will find some traces that will lead us to the treasure but maybe not, so we have to be prepared for a long quest that will hopefully result in success.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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