Haunted Magic

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Welcome to the world of magic, something that is not part of our everyday living. Do you know anything about it? Have you ever heard about good and evil magic? Some magicians like to perform magic just to attract the audience and entertain them.Some of them use white magic, which helps people in their lives. But also, there is evil magic, magic that is used for harming people… Yes, some magicians feel superior if they control other people with the use of magic, like the evil magician Jordan…Amanda, together with her friend, the elf Joe, likes to put an end to Jordan’s evil magic. They arrive at the castle that belongs to this evil magician Jordan with a concrete mission. They have a task to find the objects that the magician Jordan uses for making his evil magic. Only that way they will be able to decrease Jordan’s power and save all the people that are under his spell.Let’s take part in this magical adventure and do your best in helping Amanda and Joe get rid of this evil magician.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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