Love Connection

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Karen and Charles met on a romantic website. They are real proof that you can meet someone that is right for you on those pages, even though many people have doubts about it. They found each other on the page and they started messaging. Very soon they realized that they are made for each other and decided they should meet in person. Today is the day when they will meet for the first time to see if this love connection really exists. They like to be natural, but they like to show themselves in the best light. Charles wanted to be creative and to prepare something unique for Karen. He decided to make her a romantic surprise. He plans to rent a yacht and take Karen to the place with the most romantic view of the whole city. This seems to be a perfect place for a first date and Karen will be surely surprised by all of that. Let\'s see what will happen on Karen and Charle\'s first date. Will Charles impress Karen that much in person, as he did via the messages? We are about to find out very soon. And let\'s see if we could act like small Qupids and send some lowe arrows for those two.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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