Hidden Beauty

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There is beauty everywhere around us. Some of this beauty is easy to be noticed while there is also a beauty that lies behind the obvious. The nature for example, hides places that are not easy reachable and ask for some effort from us to be reached. And there are so many places like that, that we simply can\'t even imagine or guess their number.It goes the same for the places that are touristic attractions as well. Some of them are known but that doesn\'t mean that they are the only one. The touristic agencies work all the time and look for new places that could attract a lot of people.Kelly loves traveling and discovering wonderful places that are not known as touristic destinations. Today she is on a place like that, she is visiting the small and beautiful city named Glover. This place is known for its amazing buildings but also it is famous because of the manufacturing of very rare and precious pearls. Those pearls have a really big value but also they are very beautiful and attractive. Let\'s visit the Glover city and find out something more about its beauties.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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