On the Farm

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Diane is a girl from the village. She simply loves the life there since everything is so quiet and peaceful. The air is fresh, there is no such a rush and noise like in the city, there are not so many people… In other words, this is what some people call \'a perfect life\'.Diana\'s farm is few kilometers away from her home. Once a week she visits the farm so she could see if everything is all right there. There are animals that live on the farm, so Diana checks out if those animals are good. If they luck something, Diana’s responsibility is to provide them whatever it needs. Also, she maintains the whole farm, so it could function properly. She enjoys her responsibilities on the farm and if someone thinks that the life on the farm is hard, Diana would definitely not agree with that.What do you think about spending time on the farm? Let’s see how does Diane spend her time on the farm and find out what it takes to maintain the farm in a good condition, so it could function properly.

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