Stolen Evidence

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There is no such a thing like a perfect crime which means that in every case there are some evidences, just that sometimes they are hidden very good. In that case there is a need of someone with bigger experience, who could predict what could possibly happen or where could be found those hidden evidences. However, it becomes even more complicated when someone tries to interrupt the investigation by hiding certain evidences. That\'s when the things become even more complicated and the investigation could possibly go in a completely different direction.That is the reason why the authorities have called the famous detective Roger to work on this case. Roger is a detective with a very rich experience in his career and he has solved numerous cases. He is in charge for a case that includes a robbery of very important evidence.He arrives at the place where he thinks that he could find the stolen evidences so let\'s help him find that ever he needs, in order to provide everything needed for solving the whole case.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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