The Captains Journey

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Being a captain means knowing many exotic places, places that are not easily reachable for regular people. Some of them are simply hard to find but if you spend so much time traveling like the captains, you can easily find them and also you can easily predict where can be found some interesting place.Christopher is a captain that likes to celebrate the anniversary of his marriage in a special way this year. He likes to surprise his wife Ruth by taking her to a special place. It is about one very quiet and almost unknown island with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.The place is amazing, like heaven on earth, and there are not many people who have visited this island. Christopher likes to take his wife to this special place and celebrate his anniversary in a unique way.Let\'s visit this wonderful island together with Christopher and Ruth and enjoy its beauties. Maybe this will be an inspiration for your next trip too, or you may simply observe the place and have fun.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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