Forest of the Secrets

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Have you ever heard about forest people? No, we are not talking about people who like to spend some time in the forest, walking or living there for a while, but for people who are real citizens of the forest, just like the forest animals.This place is known as Forest of secrets and the biggest secret there is the small tribe that lives there, completely isolated people that are completely different from the civilized people. And we all know that it is somehow typical for the human race to be not so friendly with the ones that are different from them. That\'s why this isolated tribe is always in danger from the civilized people who like to expel them from the forest.Kayla comes in the Forest of secrets, looking for a solution for the complicated situation of her people. She likes to find he objects needed for making the magic for invisibility. This magic will help her people every time when they are in danger. How? Simply. Every time when someone comes in their forest, they will simply disappear and soon those civilized people will forget that this tribe ever existed and they won\'t make them any trouble.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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