The collectors club

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The detective Richard and his assistant Laura have a long career and many solved cases in their professional biographies. All of their cases have been different but they managed to give their best when they worked on them. Today Richard and his assistant Laura have a new case in front of them. They arrive at the collectors’ club where there was a robbery. The thieves have stolen few valuable collections, so now the collectors are worried about them because they are very rare which actually makes them attractive target for the criminals. Since they are that valuable, it will be a real challenge for the thieves to take them and sold them for a lot of money. And from the collectors’ perspective, those collections are precious, they will do everything to get them back. They are happy because the detectives are here, with task to find out who has made the robbery. It will be great if they bring back the stolen collections. Let’s help them finish their work successfully and find out the thieves.

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