Palace of Pearls

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When we see some old castle, a palace or a fortress, usually we ask ourselves what is that place hiding. Most of the times the archeologists are the ones that have visited that place before us, but still, there is always a hope that maybe we will surprise and find something no one has seen before.Ruth and Tylor have heard about the so-called Palace of pearls. They\'ve decided to visit it once they found out that this is actually the abandoned palace that once belonged to king Aaron. And not just that, supposedly this place hides the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world!That sounds great, so great that it seems that Ruth and Tyler forgot very soon about the rumors that this palace is cursed. Numerous adventurers came here before, but none of them managed to come back home. Maybe this is true, or maybe it\'s not, but Ruth and Tylor surely didn\'t pay attention to this, enchanted by the idea that they will be the ones that will find the pearls. There are six valuable pearls hidden here, and they would like to find them all.

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