Agent Of Justice

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Charles is an agent who has been doing his job for a long time and he knows how things are when it comes to the mafia. He is an agent trying to bring down the mob. Agents are mostly in the field, so he is familiar with where they move and knows their habits.Charles has been working undercover for quite some time to learn how the organization works. He had been preparing for the next mission for a long time. Currently, he is on a mission to investigate the villa of the mob boss, where he aims to find evidence that will lead to his arrest. This is a really serious task, so Charles should be very careful in its execution. He has to collect the evidence, but also constantly be very careful not to be discovered. Only in this way will he be able to achieve his goal - to catch the mobsters operating around the city. Every clue is a step forward, so let\'s help him close this case as successfully as possible, catching the criminals.

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