The Third Victim

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Unfortunately, all people in this world are not good. And we are not talking about people who sometimes betray their friends or don\'t appreciate other people\'s opinion or something like that. We are talking about really bad people, criminals, including murderers...And if some people decide to kill a person for interest, there are criminals who kill with a certain intent and even like to leave a certain impression, killing by the same or a similar concept all the time, choosing victims that are somehow related or share similar characteristics... Yes, it\'s about serial killers and detective Michael is in charge for a case that eventually turns into a case that includes a serial killer.While working on his case, detective Michael realizes that already three victims are killed on the same way. That could possibly make the job easier because it is about one murderer but it doesn\'t mean that the concept of this one person could be easily figured out. Detective Michel likes to find the killer and avoid the chance of dealing with another murder.

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