Grand Magic

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There are different rules and principles in the world of magicians, something that is not easily understandable for us, the regular people. But this exciting game will take us into the incredible world of magic, showing us some of its secrets. Do you feel prepared for this kind of adventure? Let\'s take the challenge! Meet the old wizard Aron and his daughter Emily. The two of them are in a constant search for magical objects, and not just any magical objects but the magical objects that increase Aron\'s powers. They search for those objects everywhere and their search takes them to the property that belonged to one of the greatest magicians of all time, the magician Mark. The father and the daughter are aware of his incredible power, so they hope that here they will find the objects that will increase Aron\'s power. Nothing in life doesn\'t come just like that, so they will need to give some effort searching, be we hope that it\'s worth. Let\'s help the magician Aron and his daughter Emily find the magical objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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