Abducted Tourist

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No one likes to think about kidnapping when going on a holiday, and that is not something that happens often, but unfortunately, sometimes the holiday can turn into a real nightmare.Jessica is a detective working on a very unusual case, similar to the situation we\'ve mentioned above. Apparently, a tourist got kidnapped by mysterious people. For now, there is not enough information about the kidnapped person, he comes from another place, but that doesn\'t matter because everyone needs proper protection. Actually, that makes the case even more complicated. Jessica needs to find and save the kidnapped person. She needs to do that as soon as possible because who knows what the motives of the kidnapper were, and what is his final aim. For now, the police have some information given by eyewitnesses, so Jessica will have to follow this information and see what she will find out.It is a real chance to get into action and help Jessica solve the case. Try to be as effective as possible before it\'s too late for the abducted tourist.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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