Midnight Thief

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Yes, the facts say that thieves decide to do their crimes during the night. And that is somehow logic since there are less people during the night on every place, except the night clubs for example, but who likes to rob a night club, right? Thieves usually go for stores, homes, banks and they love to operate when it is more quiet and no one could interrupt them or even catch them. When there is no one around and they operate carefully, it seems like they are so near to what is called \'a perfect crime\'.Amy is one of the best detectives in the robbery department. This night she receives a call from the director of one of the bigger banks in the town. He reports that there has been a robbery in his bank exactly on midnight.For now it is known that the robbery has been performed by only one person which means that the thief was quite skillful and probably with enough experience. Detective Amy starts working on the case with intention to find out who was the midnight thief. She knows her job good but let\'s help her anyway and catch the thief faster.

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