Missing Items

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Brenda and Frank work in the city museum. The two of them love their job very much, and they enjoy every day spent there, taking care of the objects there.This morning Brenda and Frank noticed something unusual in the museum, a situation that seems to be very strange. Namely, even though the museum doesn\'t work at night, which means that there wasn\'t anyone except the security, but some of the objects in the museum are not in their places. They are sure about this because they know every corner of the museum, they know every tiny detail about it. But still, before they call the police, they would like to find out where are the objects and what happened to them? Together with the other people who work in the museum, Brenda and Frank start an investigation, hoping that they will find what they are looking for - the missing museum objects.Let\'s make a tour all through the museum and see if we can find the missing objects. Every visit to a museum is educational, we will learn something new, but let\'s stick to our mission and find the objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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