Mall crime

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When someone likes to label the criminals, or more concretely the thieves, he would probably use words that are not affirmative. But what about the look of the thieves? We can’t figure them out by the way they look, right? And if you see them at the city mall, or if they enter into your store, the chances to find out that they are actually thieves, not regular customers, are rather small. And that is the reason why there were so many robberies at the city mall…The police officers Melissa, George and Brian, come into the city mall, called by the owners of the few stores from this mall. They complain that in this shopping center there are thieves that are very hard to be recognized. The thieves have stolen many valuable objects from their stores, but also, they have stolen a certain amount of money.The police officers have a very serious task in front of them. They have to find the thieves, but also, they have to find the stolen objects. Let’s help Melissa, George and Brian finish their work and help the owners of the stores feel safe again.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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