Cabin of the Lost

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Harold and Olivia love taking long walks in the nature. They always choose a different location to spend their free time and the holidays. Sometimes they choose the near lake, sometimes they go in some park, sometimes in the woods and so on. This time they were walking in the mountains when all of a sudden, they found out one abandoned mountain house.After taking a look around the house, Harold and Olivia found out that someone was living there lately. It doesn\'t seem that someone visits the house often, but someone was surely there! the couple is rather curious who lived there and their curiosity becomes even bigger when something leads them to the idea that this place was a shelter of one particular person.It is about a missing person, searched by the whole state. Harold and Olivia will look around and try to find out if the person who was in the abandoned cabin, was the same person. We could also take a look around the house and help Harold and Olivia in their search. Let\'s start searching and see if there is something interesting in that cabin.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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