Great expedition

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Barbara and Steven love adventure. They like to discover new things and find answers to some great mysteries. Their curiosity takes them to different parts of the world, always searching under the obvious.This time, Barbara and Steven are a step away from their biggest expedition, so far. They, together with their friends, are about to find out the truth about one article published in a newspaper, back in 1956. This article has captured their attention because it was about a huge robbery of a private collection that included many valuable objects. A part from these objects was found, but the other part never was found. Exploring the article about those objects, Barbara and Steven found out that the thieves have probably hidden the valuable objects in the mountain Ganavar. The two adventurers are on their way to find out the truth and see if those objects are hidden in the mountain or not.Let\'s take a part in this expedition and find out what is the truth behind the article from 1956.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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