Dark Hunters

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Patrick is a priest that loves his job and his church very much. As a priest, he generally doesn\'t believe in paranormal activities but this time something has happen that changed his mind. Last few weeks his church has been possessed by evil spirits, and during this time Patrick was trying to drive them out of there. He used all his knowledge and tried to do that on every known way but nothing.That\'s when he realized that there are some moments when even the church and the faith in God is not that capable of dealing with problems of this kind. That\'s when he decided that he needs some help from someone who is skilled for dealing in this kind of things. The priest called the psychic woman named Shirley.She is a person who is very experienced in cases like this and she has the needed power for dealing with the evil spirits. The psychic Shirley, together with the priest Patrick and his sister Emma, arrive in late hours in Patrick\'s church. Together, they will do their best to get rid of the evil spirits.

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