Nothing Like Home

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From time to time we all like to recall our memories. Our memories have made us; they are responsible for what we are today. Maybe the happenings are the main thing but the memories are witnesses of what we have passed in the past. They \'talk about\' the places we\'ve been, the things we have seen or suffered, talk about the happy moments from our life and so on.Most of us are focused on the future but from time to time we all like to get some energy from our past. Megan after fifteen years comes back to her home town. She is born here, but she doesn\'t live there any more so she feels very nostalgic about it. This day is very important for Megan because she likes to take a huge walk around the town and see all the streets where she walked years ago.She also would like to find some objects that will wake up her memories from the days spend in hthe city where she was born. Are you familiar with this city? Let\'s walk around together and see how does this city look like. Maybe Megan\'s memories will wake up some memories in us too.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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