The Conspiracy Club

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Nancy, Michelle and Steven are \'hunters\' of conspiracies. Every day we hear some suspicious story that tells us that there is something more than the things that we see and hear every day; that there is some other truth hidden under the things that are presented to us as truth, but most of us pass through those stories just like that, without paying some particular attention.However, the three friends explore those things really in details. They explore all the texts that appear in the media, related to secret societies that rule the world and try to find out is those stories are true.One day Nancy, Michelle and Steven find out one old abandoned house. They are sure that this is the place where few years ago a certain secret society met and organized secret meetings.The three fiends believe that those meetings were organized with one goal – their people to start ruling, being on important positions in the state. We may see what is it about by helping Nancy, Michelle and Steven search that old house.

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