Old Case Reopened

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Back in the days, the police were doing their job as dedicated as today, but we have to admit that the development of science and technology has made the things rather easier. Now it is easier to investigate the evidences, to match traces, to explore the DNA of the victims or the criminals...Many years ago, there was a murder that shake the public because the victim was a celebrity person. It was about a very famous musical producer who was murdered. Even though they were working very hard, the police didn’t manage to find the person responsible for the murder and the case couldn’t be closed.Now, the detectives Michael, James and Sophia are determined to solve the murder of the famous musical producer. Deficiency back in that time was that there were no DNA tests, so the murderer could not be found. But now with the advances of the technology, the detectives are determined they will find the evidence they need to uncover the identity of the murderer. It is good that sometimes \'time will tell\'.

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