Romantic Picnic

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Camping can also be very romantic, that is for sure. Just imagine, you and your loved one, enjoying the view that nature gives us, far away from your comfort zone. Perhaps near a forest, near a lake, maybe a mountain – all those places are perfect for having a romantic picnic.Dorothy, together with her partner George, are on a romantic picnic. Dorothy was trying for a few months already, to convince her partner George to take this challenge but it definitely went hard. Why? Not because he didn’t want to spend time with her alone but because he didn’t feel secure, to take this kind of a step. Namely, he didn’t have any experience, so he was a little bit scared of the idea to spend some time completely alone in nature.And maybe Dorothy knows more about camping, but because George is still a little bit scared, they could use some help from us. Let’s help this lovely couple with their camping, so they could enjoy some wonderful romantic time together.

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