Silent House

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It is little bit difficult to talk about sects. It is about a group of people with to some degree different religious beliefs from those of a larger group to which they belong which may not sound that bad but usually those groups are regarded as heretical.And very often, we hear stories about sects that perform various rituals, but rituals that are rather strange like difficult initiations, drinking blood from an animal, sacrificing something live… Some of them even perform magic and if it\'s about black magic, we all know that they are not doing something good.Dorothy, together with her friends Mark and Carol, arrive in the house where few years ago, the police has arrested a group of people that were performing rituals related to black magic. Unfortunately, one of the people arrested in this group was Dorothy\'s brother. Dorothy knows that her brother is not a person that likes to do bad things so now she likes to find something more about the rituals of this sect and prove that her brother was tricked by the leaders of this sect, who make him take part in the rituals.

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