Village of the Sun

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There is nothing more beautiful than the nature. No matter if we are talking about mountains, lakes, rivers or green valleys, spending our time in nature makes us healthy and happy. It improves our general wellbeing, so we become more prepared for doing our everyday activities.Kimberly is in love with the nature, or more concretely, in love with old abandoned mountain villages. Her profession is being a photograph and she uses every opportunity to search and find certain new abandoned mountain village where she could make some good photos. She also uses the chance to explore that new place and find out something interesting about it, but also she would like to find out the reason why is this village abandoned.Today Kimberly arrives in one hidden mountain village. Walking around the village, she likes to meet new people and talk with them. Since this village is abandoned, she finds out from the people who live near that this village was actually called \'village of the su\'. Why is it called like that, you will find out if you take part in this adventure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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