Railway Crime Patrol

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Criminals use all the possible ways to smuggler things. One should be pretty smart to enter their minds in discovering their crime net, because they think of all the details. But actually, sometimes they forget some single detail and than they get caught.Have you ever considered how do professionals feel that need to take care of some institutions, like guarding a bank, or some rich museum. How big responsibility there those people must have to respond to their working tasks? One little mistake, bad attention or bad focus, and than there come headaches.We try to introduce you this through this game. Kimberly, Steven and Emily are part of the railway station security. Their task for today is to discover the group of smugglers that us the trains to smuggler the illegal purchases through border. Let\'s help these guys. Kimberly, Steven and Emily are serious people and they want to serve the community and their country. If they don’t get the thing done perfectly, than the consequences will be bad for them. That\'s why we are sure you will help these ladies and one gentleman.

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