Dreaming in Prague

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When we bump into a list of the most romantic cities in Europe, Prague is always positioned at the highest ranks. Like some people explain, it is hard to beat the twisty, cobbled lanes of Prague\'s Mala Strana district. At this place, sonatas spread out of palace windows and quiet baroque gardens show up behind great grandiose gates. The fact that the city\'s centuries-old architecture has been hardly scratched during the Second World War, makes it an appropriate setting to a way of life that gave us the term Bohemian.Ashley is a journalist in one New York magazine that searches for the most romantic places in the world. She has never been to Prague, but according to what she read and hear about it, it could definitely be one of the most romantic cities in the world. However, she used to make her columns based on facts and that\'s why she asks her editor to allow her a trip to Prague. She would like to take a closer look at the city and then write her own column about it. She is quite prepared and knows which places should she visit, but also she will find something at the place as well.Ashley\'s editor was kind enough so she gave her the opportunity to visit Prague. At the moment she is in Prague where she starts her romantic journey. Through her search we will also see the most beautiful places in Prague and enjoy this bohemian city.

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