Mansion Of Fear

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The two sisters, Margaret and Dorothy, arrive at the property of mister Charles. The reason why they are here is a little bit strange, but those two girls are part of those persons, who are not afraid of facing strange things, even if they are paranormal. There are some pieces of evidence that Charles\'s property has been obsessed with ghosts. Those ghosts started feeling at home in this place, so Margaret and Dorothy are here to face them and confront them, turning the place back as it was before. As we said before, Margaret and Dorothy are well known for being very brave, and they are not afraid of evil forces. Also, Mister Charles has promised them that he will reward them richly if they manage to set his property free from the evil ghosts. Are you afraid of ghosts? Or are you more like Margaret and Dorothy? Let\'s get together and search mister Charles\'s property. Facing ghosts might be a little bit scary and only a few people are able to do that, but let\'s try. Maybe you will be able to beat the evil forces, right?

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