Swamp Witch

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Today it is a time for some mission. And not an ordinary one, but a mission that will lead you to the land of the mystery. There you will find the \"three amigos\" who want to fight evil and achieve the goal and that is - the great magic to be returned home. In the hands of the great magician.Magician Paneus, The girl Karen and the frog lady Uris are in the middle of a mission to defeat the swamp witch. For that purpose, they have to find the needed objects. The magician needs to find certain objects so he could create his magic. Karen has to find the personal stuff of the witch, and Uris has to outfox her so she would come on surface. Our player is inevitable to help them.You see, even the best sometimes need a hand, need someone to help. And, when a dream team is in a game, is included, than you don\'t have to worry about the result. The mission will compulsorily be determined. That shows how much we are strong when we assemble our forces together. And if you include yourself into this mission, that the team is going to be the perfect one and the witch from the swamp witch will be defeated.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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